Pricing – Coaching


Culture Change Coaching

Create a roadmap for culture change that drives results.
$2,500 per month
  • Coaching calls. We usually only need one call per month, but we’ll schedule as many as you need. Calls are typically divided between reviewing/evaluating what has been done since the last call and planning out action items for the next month.
  • Culture design methodology. You’ll have access to our proven culture change methodology, including all resources, guides, and templates that we have created over the years.
  • Change management. Much of the change we help you manage will not be overtly about culture, like how your senior team works together, what systems you have in place for supervision and accountability, even your strategic planning process.
  • Learning and development. As part of our coaching, we give you unlimited access to our library of online courses, covering topics like the core concepts of culture, the growth mindset, and conflict..
  • Above price is for six months pre-paid. Month-to-month is $2,750/mo.


Executive Coaching

1:1 coaching addressing your specific leadership challenges.
$1,500 per month
  • Take advantage of Jamie's unique expertise. He's been leading deep change for 30 years, and he understands the subtle ways that leaders must modify their behavior to create and support an ideal culture.
  • Work on YOUR priorities. Maybe it's dealing with confict or team performance. Maybe it's setting priorities for your culture change. We'll address the highest-impact areas, so you'll get immediate results that matter.
  • Get results fast. Jamie's coaching is very practical, moving you quickly through an iterative process where you solve your own problems and continuously improve.
  • Above price is for six months pre-paid. Month-to-month is $1,650/mo.

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