The Four Culture-Driven Decisions that Will Make or Break Your Return to the Workplace

How to plan for your hybrid workplace in 2022 and beyond.

Return to Work is Happening Now. Make the Right Decisions.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How organizations are tackling return-to-work scenarios (both for the better and worse)
  • The 4 key elements to consider when you’re planning your return to work strategy
  • An outline for how to assess and implement new policies, processes, and approaches that enable you to keep pace with this rapidly changing environment 
  • A framework for engaging your senior team in this crucial conversation

About The Authors

Jamie Notter

As featured in Forbes and Harvard Business Review, Jamie Notter is a culture designer with over 25 years of experience working hand-to-hand with business leaders around the world. He is an accomplished author and speaker, and holds a master’s degree in conflict resolution from George Mason University, and a Certificate in Organization Development from Georgetown, where he serves as adjunct faculty.

Maddie Grant, CAE

Maddie Grant, CAE is an expert digital strategist and culture change consultant whose superpower is skillful shepherding of organizations through cultural and digital transformation. Prior to co-founding PROPEL Maddie was the co-founder of SocialFish, a successful digital strategy consulting firm and home of one of the most visited and respected blogs written for nonprofit and association executives.