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March 15, 2021
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March 15, 2021 Kasey Chas

Every Tuesday, PROPEL’s co-founder Maddie Grant joins QuestionPro’s Sanja Licina for some transparent conversation on topics surrounding work, life, culture, and the employee experience. Combining recent research on hot organizational topics and data from polls sent out to the viewers and survey participants around the country, Work @ Life provides a real perspective on what employees and leadership have to say. The best part? The conversation is streamed live so that YOU can join the discussion too.

Work @ Life live every Tuesday at 1 PM EST
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Maddie and Sanja decided to celebrate International Women’s Day by putting a little twist on the most recent episode of Work @ Life. For their own “women tell all”, our hosts were joined by Shana Glickfield to discuss the vulnerable truths behind a woman’s experience in the workplace. Starting from the job application process, and continuing through years of professional development, imposter syndrome is still alive and well in the workplace and proves to create barriers to the opportunities women are able to pursue. Watch the recording below to learn more about the experiences our hosts shared and recommendations to overcome the limiting beliefs that could hold you back from your true potential.

This week, join Maddie and Sanja to discuss a big topic across company culture and organizational psychology… collaboration. We’ve all heard the term “silos” thrown around at various webinars and staff meetings, but what are organizations doing today to foster cross discipline collaboration? 300 participants were surveyed on their collaboration experiences, join Work @ Life tomorrow afternoon to see the real and raw data on what organizational teamwork looks like in 2021.

Join us tomorrow at 1pm EST

Missed it? Watch the replay at the same link!

Photo by Brooke Cagle

Kasey Chas

Focusing on people operations, engagement, and professional development, Kasey supports from behind the scenes while organizations across the country align with their vision and create a lasting impact. Kasey uses her experience as a former behavior therapist and mindfulness practitioner to implement behavior analytics and applied positive psychology into delivering programs to enhance motivation and performance.
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