Achieve Breakthrough Performance & Accountability

Exceed even your own expectations by intentionally integrating strategy + execution + culture.

Start looking ahead.

  • Did you have to throw out your pre-pandemic strategic plan, and you now need to restart from scratch?
  • Is everyone too busy fighting fires to focus on implementing your strategy?
  • Are you trying to rebuild and reorganize in a post-2020 world?


Our culture-driven business coaching program will teach you how to build a dynamic and agile organization that is laser focused on results—through a proven methodology PLUS an action-oriented focus on culture.  There are many ways to start, but the simplest is with a one-page strategic plan and the steps to executing on it.

We also provide direct culture consulting – with particular expertise in culture change related to big transitions (new CEO, high growth, M&A, digital transformation, pandemic…). Things in flux? Let’s talk.

“Before engaging PROPEL to help us learn how to shape our culture in success-driving ways, I thought of our organizational culture as a product of our success. Now, I understand that our success is, in fact, a product of our culture.

Steve Spadt, SVP Technology, American College of Physicians

Ready to achieve ridiculous levels of performance?