Your culture could be amazing.

We help you get there faster.

Strong cultures deliver improved efficiency, engagement, and results, so here’s what you need to do culture right:

Culture Assessment

You can’t build a strong culture until you see the underlying patterns.

Our WorkXO Culture Assessment, shines a light on which patterns are holding you back and which are pushing you forward. Use that insight to figure out what to change—and what not to.

Culture Design

In 6 months you can design a culture that unlocks better performance.

In our Culture Design Consulting Project, we take you step by step through seeing your culture patterns, prioritizing your culture work, and running some culture change plays.

Culture Change

Get coaching to ensure your culture change is driving results and success.

In our Culture Change Coaching, we make culture change both results-oriented and drama free, so you can actually achieve that payoff of better efficiency, engagement, and results.

Trusted by:

“Before engaging PROPEL to help us learn how to shape our culture in success-driving ways, I thought of our organizational culture as a product of our success. Now, I understand that our success is, in fact, a product of our culture.

Steve Spadt, SVP Technology, American College of Physicians

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