Learn how to consistently deliver on the promises you made in your strategic plan.

We coach association leaders in building a system of Priority-Based Execution, a culture-based bridge that connects strategy and operations and unlocks your potential.

Take your leadership to the next level with coaching in the PROPEL system of Priority-Based Execution.

Create a culture of getting shit done.

Everyone wants a brilliant strategy, flawless execution, and an awesome culture, yet few will invest in building a SYSTEM to make all that happen. In our coaching program, we’ll show you how to do just that.

For example:

A key aspect of the of the Priority-Based Execution system is connecting your long-term strategic plan and vision down to annual and even quarterly priorities that are managed with rigorous metrics. You will end confusion over accountability and improve your ability to change course mid-stream based on your changing environment—both of which are critical to hitting your three-year targets (i.e., getting shit done).

Priority-Based Execution delivers powerful results.

In a matter of months, you’ll start seeing results like:

  • People are more focused, because long-term plans connect clearly to measurable quarterly goals.
  • You become more agile, because your leading indicator metrics help you adjust before it’s too late.
  • Accountability increases, because the shared understanding of what drives success takes the drama out of those conversations.
  • The quality of decisions improves, because you’ve accelerated information flow throughout the organization.
  • Silos collaborate better, because they can connect the dots between collaboration and increased performance.
  • Speed increases, because you fixed areas of culture friction that were getting in the way.
  • Distractions are reduced, because volunteers now channel their work into a clearer system of priorities and deliverables.

And that translates to a greater impact on your mission and your members.

The whole point of the Priority-Based Execution system  is to help you up your game so you can deliver more. It’s time to start having the impact that you know you’re capable of.

For example:

One client had a mysterious roadblock around speed. Despite their best efforts, they weren’t meeting customer/member expectations. They dug deeper into their culture and homed in on a pattern they had around conflict avoidance. They started tackling their tough conversations, and not too long after they found themselves with three huge projects happening at the same time, but this time they were able to work through their issues quickly and finished all three projects under budget and ahead of schedule. When culture, strategy, and execution are aligned, you have a greater impact.

Choose a Format That’s Right For Your Needs—and Your Budget.

  • INDIVIDUAL COACHING. Work privately, one-on-one with a PROPEL coach to implement our system inside your organization.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL COACHING. The most comprehensive option will involve your whole management team, plus support for lower-level teams as they implement the system.
  • GROUP COHORT [for small-staff associations]. Learn how to use the PROPEL SYSTEM in a six-month, online program with a cohort of peers. Monthly sessions will focus on building the foundational elements of our system and include direct feedback from a PROPEL coach. Learn more here.

See what the PROPEL SYSTEM can do for you.

There is no program like this in the association community. Connect culture, strategy, and execution to achieve results faster and better. We’ll take your leadership — and your results — to an entirely new level.