Culture Change Coaching

Work with a PROPEL coach to make your culture change drama-free and results-oriented.

In a matter of months you’ll see not only faster culture change, you’ll see the payoff: improved efficiency, engagement, and results.

Your coach will help you create a roadmap for changing your culture in ways that create new value and drive measurable results. That’s how you create an organization where your people look around and say, “I can’t believe what a great place this is. I’m so lucky to work here.”

We have everything you need to create an amazing culture.

Your culture is a tangible tool that can drive your success, but you need to get the change part right.

You’ll get access to an extensive library of resources and templates—it’s a whole methodology for doing culture right. Implementing the culture change goes deep—into strategy processes, internal metrics, team building, and staff development. This kind of change management is built into our coaching, and that’s why it works so well.

For example, we helped a client that was stuck in “we’ve always done it that way” mode redesign their process for setting and tracking priorities to be on a quarterly basis so they could be more intentional about growth. Now they’re on track to double their revenue in 3 years.

Don’t ignore this critical aspect of leadership

Someone in your C-suite needs to be focused on culture.

This coaching is for CEOs, COOs, and CHROs who are already intentional about culture, but need help with the heavy lifting of change that drives results. Without the right attention, your culture will slide. We’ll keep you ahead of the curve.

For example, one of our clients was methodical about managing their culture change—even during the pandemic—and as a result, employee engagement soared, and their employee net promoter score rose 16 points to a very impressive +50.

Coaching is the easiest way to get fast results.

You already know that a strong culture is a must-have for high-performing organizations. But if you don’t have the bandwidth for staying on top of the culture change, our coaching will help you quickly zero in on the most important elements, so you can start seeing improved efficiency, engagement, and results in a matter of months. Please contact us to learn more about how coaching can deliver real results for you.

The best time to get on top of your culture was three years ago. The second best time is today.

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