Manage your culture right, and the growth happens automatically.

Culture coaching for senior leaders and teams

Work with a PROPEL coach to connect your culture work to every other aspect of your leadership.

How does it work?

This is like leadership coaching on steroids, because you get to not only develop your culture and leadership skills, you get to apply them real time with the help of your coach. You’ll get access to our full methodology for both culture design and priority-based execution, monthly one-on-one sessions, and access to many of our courses in PROPEL Plus to guide you in creating an organization that can finally reach its full potential.

Culture is how you will win the great resignation

If your culture is just average, people will look elsewhere.

To attract talent in today’s environment, you must show them that you are actively dealing with the silo issues, the lack of agility, the slow pace of innovation, or anything else that messes with the success of your employees.

This is called culture management, and your PROPEL coach will guide you through our methodology for not only creating a winning culture, but connecting it to strategy and execution. We’ll help you create a manageable culture roadmap for making real changes and maintain momentum, and we’ll help you create the right metrics for tracking both progress and impact. With access to our decades of experience doing culture work, you’ll see real progress.

Available for individuals and management teams.

The senior level drives culture, so get it right.

We coach individual CEOs, COOs, and CHROs, but we also provide culture coaching for whole management teams. In those projects, we meet at least twice a month—once individually with the CEO and once with the team—and in addition to culture management, we address senior team performance and company-wide metrics as part of the work.

Find out if executive coaching is right for you.

Coaching is not the right solution for every leader’s culture challenges, but if you or your team want to do culture right so you can focus on higher-impact activities, then contact us and we can discuss whether or not you are a good fit for the program.

The best time to get on top of your culture was three years ago. The second best time is today.

Talk to us about your options.