Culture Change Coaching

Make culture change easier and faster with a PROPEL coach.

Work through the 4 requirements of culture change, with a coach helping you every step of the way.

(1) Convert your workplace experience into visible culture patterns; (2) turn those patterns into a change agenda; (3) convert the change agenda into an implementation roadmap; and (4) implement the roadmap and achieve measurable organizational results. We’ll deliver a real ROI in a matter of months, not years.

We have a proven methodology.

Your coach will help you use our templates, resources, and guides to make culture change a reality.

For the 4 culture change requirements, we have the resources you’ll need to complete each step, ensuring continuous progress.

For example, our culture change roadmap connects the long-term goals for your culture change down to quarterly and even weekly goals and tasks. We revisit the roadmap every three months to make sure we’re making progress and are focused on the right things.

You’ll grow as a leader.

C-suite leaders who learn how to do culture right are taking a giant step in their career development.

This coaching is for CEOs, COOs, and CHROs who are already intentional about culture, but need help with the heavy lifting of change that drives results. Without the right attention, your culture will slide. We’ll keep you ahead of the curve.

For example, one of our clients was methodical about managing their culture change—even during the pandemic—and as a result, employee engagement soared, and their employee net promoter score rose 10 points to a very impressive +50.

You’ll get holistic support.

Expand your culture change into key areas, like strategic clarity and senior team effectiveness, so the improvements to your culture become permanent.

Our detailed methodology goes deep—into strategy processes, internal metrics, team building (particularly the senior team), and staff development. Our deep expertise in that kind of change management is why our coaching works so well.

For example, we helped a client that was stuck in “we’ve always done it that way” mode redesign their process for setting and tracking strategic priorities to be on a quarterly basis so they could be more intentional about growth. Now they’re on track to double their revenue in 3 years.

The best time to get on top of your culture was three years ago. The second best time is today.