Introducing the PROPEL SYSTEM for Culture-Driven Performance.

There’s a gap between what you’re doing right now and what it will take to reach the next level. You don’t have the bandwidth, or when you do make the extra effort, the results don’t materialize.

That’s because there are roadblocks that you’re not seeing.

The roadblocks are woven throughout your culture, strategy, and execution. The good news is, we created a system for identifying the roadblocks in all three domains, and then making the targeted changes you need to improve performance—and we can coach you in how to use our system. Here’s how it works.

Improve Performance in 3 steps:

          • STEP 1: Analyze the roadblocks
          • STEP 2: Build out our system for integrating culture, strategy, and execution, for both long-term (foundation) and short-term (roadblocks)
          • STEP 3: Measure the impact, and start again with a fresh look at the roadblocks.

Choose a Coaching Format That’s Right For Your Needs—and Your Budget.

We have one system, but several options for delivering it, depending on the level of customization and one-on-one attention you will need to reach the next level.

Three coaching options:

  • GROUP COACHING [beta]. Learn how to use our system in a six-month, online program with a cohort of peers (from similarly sized organizations). Monthly sessions will focus on building the foundational elements of our system and include direct feedback from a PROPEL coach.
  • PRIVATE COACHING. Work one-on-one with a PROPEL coach to implement our system inside your organization, including a Roadblock Analysis and then monthly sessions with customized assignments and real-time feedback to help you build out your system and address your unique roadblocks.
  • ORGANIZATIONAL COACHING. The most comprehensive option will involve your whole management team, plus support for lower-level teams as they implement the system.

Accompanied By Practical Resources to Deepen Your Learning

Each monthly session covers a single component of our system, and we’ve created applicable, practical action items and shareable resources, hosted in our private PROPEL+ learning environment to help you with your implementation.

For example:

One of the core elements of the PROPEL SYSTEM is a Two-Page Strategic Plan that creates a clear strategic line of sight for everyone in your organization. You’ll get access to a brief online course module that offers our advice and suggestions in how to develop your 2PSP (along with other actionable resources) in a way that makes the most sense for your association.

A Unique System That Delivers Powerful results.

We have integrated our cutting-edge research and practice on workplace culture with the best strategic execution consulting methods being used in the entrepreneur community. The result is something the association sector has never seen before—a system you can use to successfully execute on your strategic plan, become more agile in how you adapt to the changing world, and create a workplace that attracts the best talent (all at the same time).

For example:

One client had a mysterious roadblock around speed. Despite their best efforts, they weren’t meeting customer/member expectations. After doing some foundational work on their culture, we targeted a roadblock around avoiding conflict internally. We helped them make changes so they could start tackling their tough conversations, and not too long after they found themselves with three huge projects happening at the same time, but this time they were able to work through their issues quickly and finished all three projects under budget and ahead of schedule. When you eliminate the roadblocks, you achieve new levels of performance.

Add Specialized Consulting on Deeper Culture Issues and Change Management Whenever You Need It

We’ve been delivering customized consulting solutions around culture design, digital transformation, and conflict for more than 10 years, and you can get access to any of that expertise (and/or our proprietary culture assessment) when it complements your coaching program.

For example:

One aspect of the PROPEL SYSTEM is to develop the capacity to identify areas of “culture friction” that are impeding performance.  You may realize that your culture is not clear to everyone internally and engage us to do a full culture assessment and then work with a cross-functional team to prioritize some culture change activities.

See what the PROPEL SYSTEM can do for you.

There is no program like this in the association community. Integrate culture, strategy, and execution to achieve results faster and better. We’ll take your leadership — and your results — to an entirely new level.