Dramatically expand your association’s impact.

Improve strategy, execution, and culture — all at the same time.

Introducing Culture-Driven Performance Coaching

We took Verne Harnish’s Rockefeller Habits and Scaling Up methodology, that has been successfully implemented by companies around the world, infused it with our deep culture expertise, and then customized it for association executives. The result is a step-by-step, culture-driven process that will fix your execution and accountability problems and enable you to achieve more for your members and your industry.

For example:

One client had an execution problem that was rooted in a cultural issue: avoidance of conflict (sound familiar?). We helped them make a culture shift so they could have their tough conversations, and the next time they ended up with three huge projects happening at the same time, they were able to work through their issues quickly and finished all three projects under budget and ahead of schedule. Dramatic performance gains are culture-driven.

Individual Coaching Based on Your Highest Priorities

We’ll work with you on a monthly basis to make tangible improvements in areas like organizational agility, accountability and ownership, and strategic alignment — in the order that works best for you, but rooted in our proven methodology.

For example:

If you have one of those well-intentioned but disconnected strategic plans that sits gathering dust on a shelf, we may start with clarifying annual and quarterly priorities for all your major programs. Alternatively, if your strategy is clear but everyone is late delivering on their objectives, we might jump right into upping your internal metrics game so people can see when they are falling behind BEFORE the project is due. Whether it’s culture, strategy, or execution, we’re improving performance every month.

Accompanied By Practical Resources to Deepen Your Learning

Each monthly topic has applicable, practical action items and shareable resources, hosted in our private PROPEL+ learning environment.

For example:

One of the core elements of the Rockefeller Habits methodology is a One Page Strategic Plan (wouldn’t that be cool to have?!). You’ll get access to a brief online course module that offers our advice and suggestions in how to develop your OPSP (along with other actionable resources) in a way that makes the most sense for your association.

Choose Individual Coaching or Group Coaching for Your Management Team

The simple process of monthly calls (and quarterly deep dives) working through strategic topics is the same — but in the group-level version, your coach can work with the whole management team. Group-level coaching also includes an Align online dashboard tracking and reporting progress against goals — so everyone can see their efforts producing results in real time.

For example:

The individual coaching program is perfect for senior executives that want to add some rigor and discipline to their strategy and execution that is based in culture. The group coaching is better when the whole management team recognizes the need to up their game and make broader changes to the organization.

Add Specialized Consulting on Deeper Culture Issues and Change Management Whenever You Need It

We’ve been delivering customized consulting solutions around culture design, digital transformation, and conflict for more than 10 years, and you can get access to any of that expertise (and/or our proprietary culture assessment) when it complements your coaching program.

For example:

One of the Rockefeller Habits we will help you adopt focuses on continuously gathering employee input on what’s working and what isn’t (what we call “culture friction”). You may realize that your culture is not clear to everyone internally and engage us to do a full culture assessment and then work with a cross-functional team to prioritize some culture change activities.

See what culture-driven performance coaching can do for you:

  • Definition of your strategy if you don’t have a strategic plan

  • Unparalleled execution on your strategic goals — so you can actually make an impact

  • Simplicity and clarity on important business decisions

  • Building a culture of accountability where everyone is aligned

  • Laser focus on the work that drives results

There is no program like this in the association community. Integrate culture, strategy, and execution to achieve results faster and better. We’ll take your leadership — and your results — to an entirely new level.