Culture starts at the top.

If you’re part of the C-Suite, you can’t drive culture all by yourself—but you can kill culture in a heartbeat. 

It’s time to get intentional about culture—and your role in it.

How do you translate strategy into reality?

The way you turn a strategy into operations is one of the largest drivers of your culture. Our executive coaching tackles this issue head-on.

What could you do with double your revenue?

One of our clients had created a system where senior staff received bonuses based on how many of their annual strategic goals they accomplished, and that led (predictably) to them setting targets that were easy to accomplish—and that meant they were leaving growth opportunities on the table. They wanted a culture focused on growth and innovation, so we helped them changed their annual goal setting process to be more focused on quarterly priorities and leading indicator metrics. Now they’re planning on doubling revenue in 3 years.

How aligned is your leadership team?

When you clarify leadership’s role in driving culture, you’ll start getting results:

  • Employees are more focused, because long-term plans connect clearly to measurable quarterly goals in a way that is compatible with culture.
  • You become more agile, because people can use your leading indicator metrics to adjust before it’s too late.
  • Accountability increases, because your culture has a shared understanding of what drives success, and that takes the drama out of those conversations.
  • The quality of decisions improves, because you’ve accelerated information flow throughout the organization.
  • Silos collaborate better, because they can connect the dots between collaboration and increased performance.
  • Speed increases, because you fixed areas of culture friction that were getting in the way.
  • Distractions are reduced, because volunteers now channel their work into a clearer system of priorities and deliverables.

Become the leader(s) your people want to follow.

They say people don’t leave companies, they leave managers. Okay, but the managers are simply living the culture. One of the most powerful drivers of employee retention is a leadership team that supports employees in being deeply successful, and that comes back to culture. We’ll teach you how to do it right.

Find out if executive coaching is right for you.

Our coaching is a great option for CEOs and/or leadership teams that have a basic level of confidence in their culture but are concerned they might be letting things slip. A PROPEL coach can help you keep things on track and ensure that your culture AND your team are fine-tuned for organizational success and impact. Contact us if you’d like to discuss the possibilities.

See what PROPEL Coaching can do for you.

Connect culture, strategy, and execution to achieve results faster and better. We’ll take your leadership — and your results — to an entirely new level.