Culture Assessment

Your workplace culture is holding you back.

Leaders want a strong culture that drives success and attracts top talent. Employees want a supportive culture that allows them to do their best work. If these needs are not aligned, nobody wins. Our culture assessment reveals the hidden patterns and competing commitments that are standing between you and an amazing culture.

"The culture assessment was extremely valuable, as it measured the current state of our firm and provided data points on a continuum–allowing us to assess what changes, if any, we wanted to make for the future."

Christina Ricke, Principal and People Strategy Lead, Pinion Global

We’ll Show You What Your Culture Actually Is.

You need to know if your culture is traditional, contemporary, or futurist first – then decide if that’s how it should be.

Other culture assessments either dictate what your ideal culture “should be” (via their “proprietary” model and arbitrary benchmarks), or they ask you to define your ideal culture in the abstract. Our approach is different. We double down on showing you exactly how your people experience your culture, down to the level of 64 individual building blocks. You can’t define your ideal culture until you understand how your current culture is either helping you or hurting you. That’s exactly what you get with the WorkXO culture assessment.

How does your culture do these things?

These eight culture markers are how employees experience your workplace culture.

  • Agility: how the organization manages change
  • Collaboration how the organization facilitates working together
  • Growth: how the organization develops its employees
  • Inclusion: how the organization manages diversity and authenticity
  • Innovation: how the organization is set up for the creation of new ideas and new value
  • Solutions: how the organization incorporates internal (staff) and external (customer) user needs
  • Technologies: how the organization leverages the digital age and leverages current technology
  • Transparency: how the organization communicates knowledge and builds trust

See the underlying culture patterns.

The most powerful aspect of the analysis is in how it reveals your current culture patterns–which might be what’s holding you back.

Here’s an example. As you can see on the image on the right, organizations often score more futurist on the concepts of innovation: creativity and future focus are more present in the culture. But the practices of innovation—experimentation, taking risks—score more traditional, meaning they are less present. They are talking the talk of innovation, but not walking the walk. The result? Missed opportunities, slow growth, wasted money, frustrated staff. But once you see this pattern – you can immediately think of ways to fix it. (And we can help).

See it in action.

Watch this 7-minute video to see how the culture assessment platform works in real life.

Go as deep as you need to.

The PRO version includes access to our online platform for doing deep subgroup analysis.

All our assessments include a comprehensive report, with metrics and descriptions for the 64 culture building blocks, plus our expert analysis of the culture patterns inside your 8 culture markers. But if you need to go deeper, the PRO version includes an annual license for you to continue analyzing the subgroups inside your culture—e.g. by department, level, job tenure, generation, etc.—via our online platform. Towards the end of the 7-minute video above, we show you the power of the analytical tools in the platform (and the report has some screenshots).

Got questions? Here are some answers.