Culture Assessment

Your culture is changing.

Whether you have a great culture or one that is not working so well, you need to see your true culture—down to the contradictions, the underlying patterns, and the frustrating sources of friction. Then you’ll be able to make smarter choices about what you need to fix—and also the good parts to reinforce and codify so you can better manage the disruptive change happening all around you.

The WorkXO Culture Assessment is a modern culture assessment based on 10+ years of primary research about the emerging future of work. Archetypal culture patterns have emerged from over 1 million data points collected from all kinds of organizations.

Are you set up to manage change well? Are you able to attract the right talent? Do you have internal roadblocks?  Find out today.

Unbiased Analytics

Other culture assessments try to cut to the chase too quickly. Either they tell you what your ideal culture should be (the benchmark), or they ask you to define the ideal culture in the abstract. Our approach is different. We double down on showing you exactly how your people experience your culture, down to the level of 64 individual building blocks. You can’t define your ideal culture until you understand how your current culture is either helping you or hurting you. That’s exactly what you get with the WorkXO assessment.

The 8 Culture Markers

These are the core elements of culture, and we’ll show you where your culture sits along the continuum of “traditional” to “futurist” for each one.

Agility: how the organization manages change
Collaboration how the organization facilitates working together
Growth: how the organization develops its employees
Inclusion: how the organization manages diversity and authenticity
Innovation: how the organization is set up for the creation of new ideas and new value
Solutions: how the organization incorporates internal (staff) and external (customer) user needs
Technologies: how the organization leverages the digital age and leverages current technology
Transparency: how the organization communicates knowledge and builds trust

See the PRO Version In Action

Watch this 6-minute video to see how the culture assessment platform works in real life.

See Your Hidden Culture Patterns

The most powerful aspect of the analysis, however, comes in how it reveals your current culture patterns. For example, we see a very common pattern when it comes to innovation. As you can see on the image on the left, organizations often score more futurist on the concepts of innovation (creativity, future focus). That means those pieces are more present in the culture. But the practices of innovation (experimentation, taking risks) score more traditional, meaning they are less present. We are talking the talk of innovation, but we’re not walking the walk. Your culture assessment will show you if this pattern exists inside your culture.

Get Ready for Change

Once you see the patterns, you will need to decide if those culture patterns are moving you forward or holding you back. And you also need to know how prepared your culture is for change in general, so we give you a unique change readiness analysis as well. You’ll be able to use those insights to make targeted changes to your culture that will drive results.

How deep do you need your analysis to go?

There are 2 versions of the WorkXO assessment: CORE and PRO. Both include exactly the same survey, administered confidentially to all (or a sample of) your employees via email. Both include a comprehensive Culture Pattern Report, documenting your assessment results for your organization as a whole, with detailed numbers and descriptions for all of the 64 individual building blocks of culture, plus an analysis completed by PROPEL consultants of your existing culture patterns and their implications for performance. In the CORE version, your report is delivered as a PDF.

In the PRO version you will get access to your results inside our online platform, which allows you to do a deeper dive and continue analyzing the data on your own using the tools in the platform. Specifically, the PRO version allows you to analyze the subgroups inside your culture (for example, by department, level, job tenure, gender, etc.).

See a demo.

Set up a demo call, and we’ll help you figure out which assessment is right for you. You’ll also get a sample Culture Pattern Report.

You can be confident that your WorkXO Culture Assessment results will send you down the right path. We’ve successfully tested the model for validity and reliability, and it has been used by organizations of all sizes and from many different industries, from Cisco Systems to the American College of Physicians, to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.

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