Your differentiator during the Great Resignation is your culture.

You need to know how to describe it authentically, to retain and attract the right people.

The WorkXO Culture Assessment describes what it’s truly like to work at your organization, down to the patterns, the experiences, and even the contradictions inherent in how you do things.

BONUS: When you see your true culture patterns, then you can start designing a culture that makes you more successful and better able to focus on the higher-impact activities.

Has Your Culture Changed?

Measure how your people experience your workplace TODAY.

Unbiased Analytics

The results tell you exactly how your people experience your culture. Instead of good/bad, we measure 8 Culture Markers (and the 8 Building Blocks that make up each marker) on a scale ranging from “traditionalist” to “futurist.”

The 8 Culture Markers

Agility – how the organization manages change
Collaboration – how the organization facilitates working together
Growth – how the organization develops its employees
Inclusion – how the organization manages diversity and authenticity
Innovation – how the organization is set up for the creation of new ideas and new value
Solutions – how the organization incorporates internal (staff) and external (customer) user needs
Digital – how the organization leverages the digital age and leverages current technology
Transparency – how the organization communicates knowledge and builds trust

See It In Action

Watch this quick six-minute video to see how the culture assessment platform works in real life.

See Your Hidden Culture Patterns

The specific culture markers we measure in the assessment were derived from years of research that went into our first two books (Humanize and When Millennials Take Over), and they will help you see how evolved your culture is along a continuum of traditionalist to futurist. Are you more like the 1950s, or are you more like the future of work? You’ll see underlying patterns that could be holding you back in handling today’s critical management issues. For example:

  • Agility – perhaps can you move quickly, but are you still getting in your own way?

  • Collaboration – your individuals might be helping each other out, but are your groups equipped for higher level collaboration? 

  • Innovation – even if you’re talking the talk about innovation, are you walking the walk when it comes to running experiments or taking risks?

We measure 5 more culture markers (transparency, digital, inclusion, growth, and solutions), and each one will provide you important insights that are difficult to see when you’re mired in the day-to-day work. You’ll be able to use those insights to make targeted changes to your culture that will drive results.

Apply the Insights Right Away

The assessment takes your employees 15 minutes to complete, and you’ll have your results—in a dynamic online platform—in a matter of days (not weeks or months). The platform lets YOU do the slicing and dicing, so you can see how different groups are experiencing your culture, down to the level of 64 individual culture building blocks.

Each assessment comes with a Culture Pattern Report from the team at PROPEL that highlights the key patterns inside your data, along with a benchmarking report so you can see how your culture compares to our aggregate data set.

Once you see the patterns, you can get started right away on improving your culture.

It Always Starts with the Right Data

You can be confident that your WorkXO Culture Assessment results will send you down the right path. We’ve successfully tested the model for validity and reliability, and it has been used by nearly 100 different organizations, of all sizes and from many different industries, from Cisco Systems to the American College of Physicians, to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.

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