Team Development Workshops

Every amazing culture is rooted in strong, cohesive teams.

In today’s hybrid/remote work environment, maintaining strong and cohesive teams is critical to maximizing performance and retaining your best people. But cohesion doesn’t happen automatically, and building it is much easier when you’re together, in person. You should take advantage of your in-person gatherings, and run one of our team development workshops to keep your team sharp and ahead of the curve.

This is not your father’s team building.

We don’t do trust falls.

Instead, we give you skills and help you have real conversations that generate real trust (and results). Our team development workshops are practical, and they leave you with tools and artifacts that you will use in your daily operations to make your team more effective. Remember, we’re culture experts, so unlike other team building exercises, our workshops will tie directly into helping you improve your culture at the same time.

We are happy to customize a workshop for you, but here are some standard options to consider:

Team Development Retreat

Full-day minimum; works well as 1.5 days with an overnight.

Most teams are now coming together in-person several times a year—don’t waste this opportunity. Our core team development retreat can span 1 or 2 days and helps you identify the competing commitments inside your team’s culture that are getting in the way of success, and then drills down into the specific behaviors that will help move your team forward. And we’ll design the conversations to help your team get to know each other better and strengthen everyone’s understanding of what everyone else does.

  • Includes ample break time to foster relationship building
  • Can include some “fun” activities, but that’s up to you.
  • Starts at $7,500

Note: We also regularly facilitate senior management team retreats, which are structured differently and designed to address the specific issues that are getting in the way of performance.

Conflict Resolution Training

Half-day, in-person, max 35 attendees.

Co-founder Jamie Notter started his career in the conflict resolution field and has been running the “Managing Conflict with Confidence” workshop for decades. It covers high-level approaches to conflict, tactical approaches to negotiation and problem-solving, and the core skills and frameworks you need to successfully navigate even the toughest conflict conversations. The training is interactive and comes with practical handouts you can refer to when you need them down the road. If you’re interested in taking this course online as an individual, check it out here.

  • Includes the two most effective tools that Jamie has been using in dealing with direct conflict for more than 20 years.
  • Starts at $4,500

Getting Started with Culture Change

Half-day minimum; works well as full-day split with an overnight.

Culture change is easier than you think—especially when you see the hidden patterns inside your culture that have been holding you back. In this half-day workshop, we’ll convene a working group inside your organization to identify the parts of your culture that are either driving you forward or getting in the way, and then design specific change action items that will move the needle on culture and improve results. Leveraging the research from our latest book, Culture Change Made Easy, this practical workshop will have you diagnosing your existing culture and discovering the keys to unlocking a vibrant workplace culture that propels organizational success.

  • You’ll develop change action items with enough detail so you can start implementing them right away
  • Starts at $4,500

Understanding Work Styles with DiSC

Half-day, in-person.

The DiSC model is a simple but powerful personality typing system that has been used in the work setting for decades. The model has just the right balance of simplicity and complexity, making it easy to use and talk about as a team, while providing nuanced insights that improve communication, relationships, and performance. In this workshop, all participants will get their own individual DiSC reports, and the sessions will focus on how to understand the results and work more effectively as a team in ways that embrace the multiple styles at play. It will include exercises and discussions related to group problem solving and collaboration.

  • You’ll also get the “Team View” report that shows all the team members on one chart so you can quickly see the differences.
  • Starts at $4,500, plus $75 per person for the DiSC assessment

We can create virtual versions of these workshops, but they work better in person, and it’s the perfect use of your time together.