Culture is why they will stay.

When you align your culture with what drives your success, you will start to see the true power of an amazing workplace that retains your best people even during the great resignation.

Culture Design: the perfect project for when you’re ready to unlock the EXISTING power in your culture.

Step 1: Culture Assessment

We start with our own culture assessment (the WorkXO Assessment, now part of QuestionPro Workforce), drawn from decades of research and experience. Instead of telling you if your culture is “good” or “bad” in the abstract, it tells you how your culture really works, identifying the underlying patterns that either support or interfere with your success as an organization.

Step 2: Culture Priorities

Once your analytics are ready, we’ll help you create an internal Culture Team who will dig into the results and identify a short list of priorities for your culture work that will have the biggest impact on your success. These are not core values—they are behavior-based and tied specifically to key issues in both your culture and your operating environment that will make the most difference, right now.

Step 3: Culture Playbook

The most important deliverable will be your Culture Playbook—a prioritized set of targeted activities and internal changes that will make a more effective culture both real and permanent. You’ll develop an extensive list of possible activities—from low-hanging fruit, to meaningful improvements, to larger, often HR-focused, infrastructural interventions. You’ll end up with a short list of the most impactful changes that you will be able to pitch to management for approval and immediate implementation.