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Culture Change Made Easy

Whoever can change culture the fastest will win in today’s environment. Our new book is a practical guide that will show you how to do just that.

Christina Ricke

Tools to Get It Done

“Culture is big and nebulous, but the concepts in this book make it practical and manageable. If you are seeking a way to identify and focus on a few key culture priorities, with the intent to make change happen quickly, Jamie and Maddie have the tools to help you get it done.”

Christina Ricke

People Leader, Pinion

Hamza Khan

A vital tool for leaders determined to break down barriers to effective collaboration.

Amazon.com Review in the United States on May 7, 2024

“As a steadfast advocate for transformative leadership and creating human-centric workplaces, I find Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant’s insightful exploration in their latest book particularly resonant. It adeptly tackles the pervasive issue of “Awkward Collaboration,” where organizations inadvertently undermine their efficacy by disproportionately valuing individual contributions over group synergy. What truly stands out in this book is its practical approach to identifying and addressing the deeply ingrained cultural patterns that hinder meaningful change.”

Hamza Khan

Putting the Tools to Change Culture in Your Hands (finally!)

We all want a great culture, but we don’t know how to make it happen. Our new book changes all that. Our research has revealed a key secret to managing culture change—seeing your hidden culture patterns. Once you see these patterns and how they mess with success, you can develop clear strategies for improving culture that you can implement no matter where you sit on the organizational chart. Culture change works best when it happens BOTH top-down and bottom-up. Use this book to start improving your culture right away.


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BONUS: try asking some questions related to the book content from our GPT! If you have a Chat GPT account (and you should), you can get our Culture Change Made Easy GPT right in your sidebar. It’s trained on the entire book so it can help you pull out the insights faster.



We are developing resources that will help you apply the ideas in the book to your own organization right away, including access to our database of over 500 action items for changing culture.

What You Get in This Book:

We bust the myths that culture is hard to understand or time-consuming to change. We explain culture and culture change in plain and actionable language, so you can start working on it right away.

Our original research reveals eight hidden culture patterns that are prevent you from having the culture you really want. There is a chapter each on the “big four” of awkward collaboration, lagging transparency, heavy agility, and incomplete innovation. You will finally understand why you have been struggling in these areas. For example, many organizations don’t realize that their desire to control information causes them to be less transparent than they want to be.

We have real case studies in each chapter that demonstrate how to change your culture and overcome the common patterns that are holding you back. For example, the case study that learned how to collaborate effectively across silo lines make key changes to its project management processes to get better results.

Our “playbook” model is simple, yet effective. We’ll break your culture change activities into six basic categories that help you make change quickly, and then sustain it over time. You’ll learn how simple process changes in areas like staff meeting design or project evaluation can have a huge impact on culture and behavior.

Everyone can use this book to start changing culture right away. The top will learn how to get intentional about culture design, including measuring the impact of culture change on the bottom line, while the middle and the bottom will learn how to make changes in their own areas that improve culture for their own teams.


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