Big PROPEL News: Work @ Life launches the new Hubspot Creators Program!

March 31, 2022 Staff Writer

We are super excited to share some big and exciting news – Work @ Life, the podcast co-hosted by Maddie Grant and Sanja Licina, PhD, President of the Workforce Division at QuestionPro, has been chosen to be one of eight “emerging talent” podcasts that make up the inaugural cohort of Hubspot’s new Creators Program.  This is an accelerator program that throws the weight of Hubspot’s marketing and operations support behind the podcasts, helping us to reach wider audiences.  Here are the other seven podcasts in our cohort:

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We’re so grateful for this opportunity, and as you’ll see from the video above, YOU can apply to be part of Hubspot Creators too, starting in May!  Just go to and sign up for updates.

If you’re wondering about Work @ Life, our show is for everyone, whether you’re an employee or an employer, who believes that work should be fulfilling, and should support us in learning and growing, given that we spend so much time on the job, whatever that looks like these days. This means that we explore a ton of different topics related to both work and life in general.  What’s different is that we look at burning issues through the lens of both the individual and the organization.  And we want you to leave every episode with at least one new idea, if not many, to help you make your work and life better!

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Now that we’re in Hubspot Creators, we’re going weekly with our 20-30 minute topical conversations. Here’s our most recent episode – click to subscribe on Spotify or on Apple Podcasts, and thank you for listening!

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