Conflict Management

You can’t manage change if you don’t do conflict well.

Improve performance by identifying and resolving significant conflicts within or among groups inside your organization.

Conflict doesn’t have to disrupt performance

Conflict is a normal part of organizational life, but in rare occurrences it can dramatically reduce performance and, in worst cases, grind productivity to a halt.

Teams never want this to happen, but they frequently don’t know how to get their arms around the problem, so they avoid the conflict. The time (and money) you waste doing end runs around the problem can really add up.

Our Co-Founder, Jamie Notter, started in the conflict resolution field 30 years ago, and he can take your team (or teams) through a structured consulting process where the group(s) themselves will identify their biggest problems and solve them, or he can lead your whole staff in a conflict resolution training to develop your capacity for having conflict conversations.

“Jamie Notter brings a unique perspective and deep expertise in conflict resolution, workplace teams and governance bodies that helps them become effective agents for change.”

Ben Martin, Virginia Association of Realtors

Consulting Process

Individual interviews.

It starts with individual interviews of everyone involved. This not only helps us understand the nuances of all the issues, it provides a safe space for your team members to think things through.

Focused Conversations.

Then Jamie facilitates one or more direct conversations with the group to work through the highest priority issues. This includes the introduction of two specific conflict resolution tools/frameworks that make difficult conversations more effective.

Real commitment, real resolution.

For each key issue, the team (with Jamie’s help) builds a shared understanding and clear commitment to new behaviors that will resolve the issue. And now that they’re equipped with key conflict resolution frameworks and skills, they can more easily hold each other accountable to the commitments moving forward.

When you’re finished with this project, you will see…

Increased productivity within teams that were not flourishing.

New conflict tools that can be referred to and incorporated company-wide.

Increased speed and agility as your team is able to move through conflict quicker and respond to negative events with positive action.

The training option.

If the conflict hasn’t quite yet reached the boiling point where you need Jamie’s direct facilitation, we also offer the option of our online “Managing Conflict With Confidence” workshop. The three core modules cover improving your internal mindset, the basics of problem-solving, and key tools for better conflict conversations.

In addition to the recorded sessions through PROPEL+, Jamie delivers three live Q&A sessions that help your team identify their own blocks when it comes to overcoming conflict.

Why work with Jamie Notter on this?

Our co-founder, Jamie Notter has deep expertise and decades of experience in conflict resolution, including a Master’s Degree in conflict analysis and resolution and several years providing training in areas of ethnic conflict internationally in the 1990s, plus two decades of successfully leading groups of all sizes to better communication and action inside organizations. His ability to pull out the key themes and then facilitate the hard conversations are the difference maker.

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