Culture Decisions for Returning (or Not!) to the Workplace

July 1, 2021 Maddie Grant

Make an informed decision about what your office will look like post-COVID

Are you considering a return-to-work transition? Don’t make another move until you watch this webinar!


Now that pandemic-related restrictions are easing up, you’re faced with the question of how, when, and if you should return your team to the office. It seems like there are an impossible number of variables to balance. You want to plan for this strategically—taking into account employees’ needs, desires, and fears, as well as incorporating any lessons learned from the last year of remote work—but there are still so many questions:

  • Should you reduce your office footprint?
  • Introduce completely new uses of the office?
  • Invest in new technology?
  • Break your lease?
  • Where do you even start?
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Featuring guest commentators:

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The four key considerations to keep in mind when developing a return to work strategy
  • Critical questions to answer around technology, collaboration, and supervision that will drive your new culture
  • Strategies for creating an environment that attracts and retains top talent in a much tighter labor market.


Maddie Grant

Maddie Grant, CAE, is an expert culture designer and digital strategist who focuses on helping organizations unlock the power in their culture and navigate culture change. She has specific expertise in digital transformation and generational differences in the workplace. She has explored the language of workplace culture for several years through her books, co-authored with her partner in business and life Jamie Notter, including Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World (2011), the Amazon category best-seller When Millennials Take Over: Preparing for the Ridiculously Optimistic Future of Business (2015) and the Non-Obvious Guide to Employee Engagement (2019).
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