Learn How to Expand Your Impact as a Leader [Deadline Monday!]

May 13, 2022
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May 13, 2022 Jamie Notter

Monday is your deadline to get into the next cohort of our Growth Mindset course, which is designed specifically to help you expand your impact as a leader. There are three modules, and each one addresses leadership at a different level: self, team, and organization. You’ll learn how to get yourself out of your comfort zone, address conflict inside your team, and actually change your culture (no matter what your role is).

And here’s a compelling reason to get in this course right now: over the next several months, I predict we all will be returning to some of the “normal” practices of the before times, like more time in offices, meeting with people in person, and traveling. This is going to hit all of us very hard, because we have been maximizing the efficiency of working at home over the last two years. Yet despite that efficiency, we’re all also stressed and burned out right now, so if you don’t figure out how to elevate your leadership impact in advance of this new wave of adjustments, it’s going to bowl you over.

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The course is self-paced, so it’s not an onerous time commitment. But what you will learn will save you tons of time in the future as you more skillfully adapt to this new round of change.

Sign up by Monday. The cohort after this one won’t start until August.

Jamie Notter

Jamie is an author and growth strategist at PROPEL, where he helps leaders integrate culture, strategy, and execution to achieve breakthrough performance and impact. He brings twenty-five years of experience to his work designing culture-driven businesses, and has specialized along the way in areas like conflict resolution and generations. Jamie is also the co-author of three books—Humanize, When Millennials Take Over, and The Non-Obvious Guide to Employee Engagement—and holds a Master’s in conflict resolution from George Mason and a certificate in Organization Development from Georgetown, where he serves as adjunct faculty.
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