April 14, 2021 Adeel Arshad

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Jamie and Maddie not only helped us create a measurable baseline for Epic’s culture, they facilitated frank, open discussions with my team that brought theory to life in a real-world setting. I can’t say enough about how much positive buzz occurred in my office after the strategy session. In just a half-day meeting we were able to make strides in management, oversight, and team-building that otherwise took years to change. I give them my highest recommendation.

Adeel Arshad

Arithmophobiac programmer. I am a young professional with experience in speed programming, event organization, and project management. I had the chance to learn diverse set of skills to carry on my obligations. Core focuses of interest currently include BlockChain, Machine Learning, and AI. “Persistence overcomes Resistance”, It is my belief that this is the key to being successful in any endeavor that one set’s their mind to.