What to do about Zoom Fatigue

April 12, 2022 Staff Writer

During the pandemic, many organizations make big changes to their meetings. But how many of those changes are here for good? While at least some virtual meetings are likely here to stay, many organizations have learned that too many digital meetings can be just as draining as constant meetings in person.

In fact, there’s a name for the burnout caused by an overabundance of video conferences — Zoom fatigue — and unless workers and organizations take steps to combat it, Zoom fatigue can increase stress and exhaustion in attendees, reducing productivity and morale. Having fewer meetings, making them shorter, improving documentation and sharing capabilities, adjusting meeting schedules to better work with people’s blended home and work responsibilities, and addressing tech issues, though, it’s possible to reduce the burden these meetings place on participants. For more information on Zoom fatigue and tips on how to combat it while facilitating better meetings, take a look at the graphic below.

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The pandemic altered work meetings, but will these changes stick?Photo by Compare Fibre

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