Pricing – Consulting

Pricing figures below are ballpark numbers to give you a rough sense of what level of investment is usually* required for the different types of projects we typically do.

*pricing too high for you budget? Call us anyway, we want to help and will figure out options for you.

Assessment-Based Projects

  • Culture Design - 3-6 months, starts at $40,000
  • WorkXO Culture Assessment - 1-2 months, starts at $8,000

Quick Action Projects

  • Senior Management Retreat $10,000+
  • Direct Conflict Intervention $10,000+
  • Strategic Line of Sight Project $4,500
  • Culture Code Project $4,500
  • Implementing the RACI Model $4,500

Speaking and Training

  • Half-day Training $5,000
  • Custom Keynote $12,000
  • Custom Concurrent Session $5,000

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