Craft and Disseminate Your Culture Code

You know what your culture is, but is it working for you?

Communicate the key aspects of your culture internally so everyone is on the same page and can hold each other accountable. Effectively share your culture externally, for branding or talent acquisition.

Share Your Culture – With Everyone.

This workshop is for organizations that already have a good handle on what their culture truly values and why that’s important. (If you’re not clear on that yet, start with Culture Design).

But while YOU may be clear about your culture, many of your employees may not be. And your new hires and customers could be completely in the dark about it – and these days explicitly sharing your cultural values has never been more important.

What you need are clear culture artifacts you can use to effectively communicate the core elements of your culture, and the primary one is what we call a culture code.

These can include documents, slide decks, videos, that are shared with external stakeholders and draw from existing work on culture and core values. But it should be memorable, focused on the forest rather than the trees, and clear about what’s valued and what isn’t.

How It Works

  • 1

Draft the code

We lead a small team to draft the code based on existing work on culture, core values, and key idealogies.

  • 2

Oversee Asset-Building

We work with your internal marketing team to create production of code documents like slide decks and videos.

  • 3

Communication Strategy

We assist your internal marketing team to create a high-level communications plan on the back end.

“Before engaging PROPEL to help us learn how to shape our culture in success-driving ways, I thought of our organizational culture as a product of our success. Now, I understand that our success is, in fact, a product of our culture.

Steve Spadt, SVP Technology, American College of Physicians
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