Do You Have Time to Talk ‘Work Life Balance’?

March 8, 2021
March 8, 2021 Kasey Chas

Every Tuesday, PROPEL’s co-founder Maddie Grant joins QuestionPro’s Sanja Licina for some transparent conversation on topics surrounding work, life, culture, and the employee experience. Combining recent research on hot organizational topics and data from polls sent out to the viewers and survey participants around the country, Work @ Life provides a real perspective on what employees and leadership have to say. The best part? The conversation is streamed live so that YOU can join the discussion too.

Work @ Life live every Tuesday at 1 PM EST

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Unafraid of taboo topics, Maddie and Sanja brought financial literacy and managing financial stress to the chat on last Tuesday’s stream. After polling 300 participants, Work @ Life gained a new perspective on the financial literacy status of many Americans. Over 75% polled were confident in their level of financial literacy. However, the confidence shifted when asked about the level of financial stress participants were feeling and how that impacted their job, health, and relationships. Check out the recording from last week’s conversation and see where you fall in the mix. Maddie and Sanja always provide resources and additional research for viewers at the end of the stream, this time including an article on why financial literacy should be prioritized as an employee benefit.

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Join Maddie and Sanja this week to discuss the real time numbers on how many people experience imposter syndrome in the workplace. Grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and dive into the conversation and experiences of others across the country every Tuesday at 1 PM EST.







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Kasey Chas

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