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Growth Mindset Bootcamp

You know how the craziness of the past year put everyone back on their heels? This high-impact 3-week bootcamp teaches leaders how to foster boldness and innovation both in themselves and their organizations.

Date: June 7-24
Cost: $1,500*

*$1,250 each with multiple team members. Registration is limited to 20 participants

Unblock growth at every level of your organization

The craziness of the past year has taken its toll on all of us. Today, many leaders are feeling less confident about the future, and that can often lead to inaction.

Instead of trying to predict the future, position yourself for success by building a growth mindset.

What is the Growth Mindset Bootcamp?

PROPEL’s Growth Mindset Bootcamp is a 3-week virtual training program designed to prepare leaders to thrive in today’s uncertain environment.

The individual course modules will give you new information, resources, and approaches to unlock your organization’s growth potential and propel it forward.

In this course, you will learn

  • How to expand your personal comfort zone
  • Surfacing internal contradictions to enable change
  • The delicate balance of “confident humility
  • The roots of team dysfunction
  • Tools for managing conflict
  • Systems for building trust (and speed)
  • Strategic application of consensus
  • Understanding dominant culture patterns around innovation 
  • Growth through a culture of experimentation
  • The role of execution and accountability in a growth culture 
  • The truth about digital transformation
  • How to “manage up” with boards and senior leaders

The course also includes:

Two live sessions EACH week (but recorded if you miss them) to personalize your organization’s growth journey.

2-4 hours of bite-sized portions of self-guided reading and video content weekly, allowing you to fit the course easily into your schedule.

Templates, frameworks, and guided activities for converting content into action.

A personality assessment, team performance assessment, and mini culture assessment—all with personalized reports.

Networking with like-minded leaders, plus a one-on-one coaching session with Jamie or Maddie to support your application of the learning.

5 groundbreaking leadership books (not even ones written by us!) to support your learning.

All for the price of one conference registration (but without the stress/expense of travel—and our content is better!)

Course Outline

Achieving a Growth Mindset isn’t a simple flip of a switch, which is why our online Growth Bootcamp spans three weeks. Through a combination of live sessions, recorded content, peer-to-peer interaction, and concrete application exercises, we’re offering a unique opportunity to up your leadership game.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Personal Growth Mindset

Lasting change starts inside you

Everything starts with you, and particularly when it comes to a growth mindset. It is important to internally prepare yourself for the boldness and the changes you will face moving into the future. The first week of the course is devoted to that preparation.

Core content this week:

  • Expanding your growth comfort zone.
  • Surfacing inner contradictions that block change.
  • Mastering “confident humility” and keeping an open mind.
  • Creating DUMB goals around growth (Decisive, Unique, Meaningful, Bold).

Specific resources provided:

  • Personal DiSC Assessment with customized report.
  • Adam Grant’s latest book, Think Again.
  • Templates for personal goal setting (that tie into your organizational goals).

Team Growth Mindset

Shifting focus, shaping team behavior

We all work in teams, yet we don’t always put attention on shaping our team behavior to ensure a disciplined focus on growth and results. The second week of our course focuses your energy here.

Core content this week:

  • The 5 dysfunctions of a team
  • Managing conflict with confidence
  • How systems of trust unlock speed and agility
  • The new consensus: maximizing commitment without slowing things down

Specific resources provided:

Organizational Growth Mindset

Building a culture that values growth

The last week of the course focuses on building a growth mindset for your whole organization—through culture that truly values growth. We’ll also dig into execution, accountability, and “managing up” when it comes to a growth mindset with either your senior leadership or your board.

Core content this week:

  • How culture patterns can stymie growth (specifically agility, innovation, and collaboration)
  • Concrete tactics for improving experimentation inside your culture
  • Using metrics and transparency to improve accountability and agility
  • What real Digital Transformation looks like
  • “Managing up” to support your Board or Senior Leaders in embracing growth as much as you do

Specific resources provided:

  • PROPEL Culture Pattern Assessment, with customized report
  • Digital Transformation white paper by Elizabeth Engel and Maddie Grant
  • PROPEL coaching resource on creating an organizational system of metrics
  • Managing Up, by Mary Abbajay

Value and Cost

  • 2 hours of live sessions plus 2-4 hours of self guided content EACH week
  • Templates, frameworks, and guided homework assignments for converting content into action
  • A personality assessment, a team performance assessment, and a mini culture assessment, all with personalized reports
  • 5 books (not even ones written by us!) to support your learning
  • Connecting with like-minded leaders who care about growth and innovation
  • 1 hour of one-on-one coaching with Jamie or Maddie (this is only for participants in this pilot, not in future sessions)

Cost (Individual): $1,500 per person*

*$1,250 per person each if more than one person is attending from your organization. This program is limited to 20 participants. Contact us if you’re interested in a private bootcamp for your organization or would like to pay by invoice rather than credit card. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Growth Mindset Bootcamp Cost?

The Growth Mindset Bootcamp is $1,500 per individual and $1,250 for individuals who are a part of a team of 2 or more. For team-only multiple registrations, or to pay by invoice, contact us for setup and pricing.

Who should take the Growth Mindset Bootcamp course?

The Growth Mindset Bootcamp is for leaders who recognize the crisis and disruption of the last year is really an opportunity for new growth, innovation, and boldness.

How long does the course last?

The Growth Mindset Bootcamp is a three-week course. The current offering runs from June 7 – 24, 2021. The daily typical time commitment is between 45 minutes and an hour.

How is the Growth Mindset Bootcamp offered?

The Growth Mindset Bootcamp is offered 100% online, with a combination of live sessions and recorded content each week. It also includes reading, assignments, and peer-to-peer interaction and conversation in our online learning platform. You can fit the work around your own schedule, but expect to devote about an hour each work day during the three weeks.

What materials are required for the course?

You will need to have a strong internet connection, but that’s all! We will provide the worksheets, assessments, videos, online activities, and books that you need to get the full value of the bootcamp.

I can't make some of the scheduled live events. What should I do?

All of our live events are recorded and available for you to review on your own time.

How do I register for the Growth Mindset Bootcamp?

You can enroll yourself or several teammates on the course enrollment page here.