How to Find Your Hidden Culture Patterns [RECORDING]

March 23, 2021
March 23, 2021 Maddie Grant

On March 19th, Jamie Notter, Co-founder and Culture Designer for PROPEL, gave a free webinar demonstration of the WorkXO Culture Assessment. This demonstration, entitled “How to Find Your Hidden Culture Patterns,” was a live, recorded webinar and highlighted the long history of research that has gone into the assessment’s development—over a million points of cultural and business data.

The webinar discussion outlined how the WorkXO Culture Assessment helps organizations understand how their employees experience areas like: 

  • Agility – How quickly an organization adapts to change
  • Collaboration – How well people on a team work together and communicate
  • Growth – How an organization helps its team members develop professionally and personally
  • Inclusion – How authentic inclusion programs are and whether they are working
  • Innovation – How effective an organization is at fostering and promoting new ideas 
  • Solutions – How the organization balances internal (staff) and external (customer) user needs
  • Technologies – How the organization is responding to the technological needs and implementing new ones
  • Transparency – How the organization shares information and builds trust through transparency
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Several attendees also shared questions on the live Zoom chat. One of the key takeaways from the webinar was that the WorkXO Culture Assessment is a good choice for teams with a staff larger than 20 members. Less than that and it is more effective to develop an internal process for reviewing cultural elements and developing new strategies for a more cohesive and inclusive culture.

See the recorded live webinar or learn more about PROPEL’s culture design program here.

Maddie Grant

Maddie Grant, CAE, is an expert culture designer and digital strategist who focuses on helping organizations unlock the power in their culture and navigate culture change. She has specific expertise in digital transformation and generational differences in the workplace. She has explored the language of workplace culture for several years through her books, co-authored with her partner in business and life Jamie Notter, including Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World (2011), the Amazon category best-seller When Millennials Take Over: Preparing for the Ridiculously Optimistic Future of Business (2015), the Non-Obvious Guide to Employee Engagement (2019), and Culture Change Made Easy, coming out in Fall 2023.