Culture is the most powerful source of competitive advantage available to organizations today.

It’s also the most ignored. But that’s an opportunity for you! If you do culture right, you’ll attract and retain the best people, and you’ll solve the performance puzzles that leave others scratching their heads. This work is not about foosball tables and Taco Tuesdays (the pandemic proved it). This work is about aligning culture with what makes you successful.

We can show you how to do it. 

There are two paths…

Culture Design

Our signature consulting project involves a culture assessment, the development of a set of clear culture priorities, and then a robust culture playbook full of specific changes that will align your culture with what makes you successful. We call it culture design, and we’ve been doing it successfully with organizations from a variety of industries since 2016. This takes six months or longer and touches every corner of your organization, but the results are tremendously powerful.

Quick Action Projects

Your other option is to jump right to a specific pain point and solve it. This is still culture work, but more from the bottom up. We’ll start with the specific changes in the areas that are impacting performance the most. This could involve a facilitated senior management retreat or a training for staff in conflict resolution. Or we can help you build out specific parts of your culture, like helping you develop a culture code for communicating your culture, or redesigning your system for executing on your strategic plan that allows everyone to have a clear line of sight connecting the work they are doing and your long-term goals.

These projects generate quick change, quick action, and quick (but meaningful) results.

Why work with us?

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We know our stuff.

We have decades of experience in culture transformation, as practitioners, researchers, and thought leaders. Our books—Humanize, When Millennials Take Over, The Non-Obvious Guide to Employee Engagement—provide both theory and practical case studies that start to define the future of work. We built all that expertise in to both the WorkXO assessment (now part of QuestionPro Workforce), our Culture Management Maturity Model, and our consulting. Current projects are informing our next book right now.

Working with us gives you access to the cutting edge of the culture management field.

We’re practical.

We are not in the business of tweaking client cultures to look or sound cool. We are in the business of designing cultures that work. Pool tables and beer fridges? Only if those help drive your success. Whatever Zappos is doing? No – unless you happen to be working at Zappos. You will do the work of clarifying what YOUR culture is and needs to be, but then we’ll make sure that you actually deliver on those ideas, down to the level of changing individual behaviors inside your organization.

Working with us brings you tangible results.

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We focus on you.

All of our services focus on building YOUR capacity—not making you reliant on us. We know our help is critical to you building a culture that is aligned with what drives your success, but we also know that if you can’t eventually do this on your own, we haven’t done our job.

Working with us will take your culture to the next level.