Here at PROPEL, we’re not in the business of tweaking client cultures to look or sound cool. We’re in the business of designing cultures that drive results AND engagement. But it’s not just what we do… it’s why.

60% – 70%

Between 60 and 70%1 of employee turnover is voluntary.


32% of new hires2 who quit within the first 90 days cite company culture as the reason for leaving.

Designed Culture = Higher Engagement

Our own culture assessment data shows a strong statistical correlation between intentionally designed cultures and higher employee Net Promoter Scores (i.e., engagement).

Culture Assessment

Through our WorkXO assessment (hosted on QuestionPro), we have collected over a million data points about culture. Learn at a granular level how your employees experience your workplace and identify the culture patterns that are holding you back.

Culture Design

Our signature consulting engagement, this 6-month project includes using the results of your culture assessment to set culture priorities, then developing a Culture Playbook — a concrete set of action steps to ensure your culture is aligned with what drives your success.

Customized Interventions

Got a culture issue? We can help. We provide leadership retreats, conflict resolution mediation, digital strategy,  speaking, private courses, and much more to address your need specifically. As a first step, contact us.