What’s holding you back from the results you need?

Our culture-based Diagnostic Evaluation can tell you – and we’re offering it at a special discount for a very limited time!

When you see the hidden patterns, you can fix them.

Sluggish results, internal infighting, snail-paced growth… these are actually symptoms of deeper issues that you may not even know about—issues that are at the core of your association’s culture and how it interacts with both strategy and execution.

We’ve discovered specific patterns hidden inside your culture, strategy and execution that once revealed, can be easily addressed. We’re talking tweaks, not hugely expensive changes.

With a dedicated PROPEL business coach by your side, you can unblock your team and unlock your association’s potential for growth and impact. Try us out with our Diagnostic Evaluation – immediately actionable recommendations after a short discovery process.

Think about your organization. Which of these feels familiar to you?

  • Awkward Collaboration.
    Interactions are clunky, collaboration software unreliable, or people just don’t want to work together.
  • Reactive Transparency.
    People end up discovering what they need to know a little too late and decisions are made based on inadequate information.
  • Shallow Solutions.
    Focusing on fixing obvious problems rather than learning what the motivators beneath those problems are.
  • Unrealized Innovation.
    There's a desire to be more innovative, but no systems in place to help staff actually innovate
  • Heavy agility.
    You work to keep projects moving along, but don't have the time or resources to know if your actions are effective

If you recognize one or more items on this list, your culture IS impacting your association’s performance, membership, and financial goals in ways you don’t even know.


1) Start the PROPEL Diagnostic Evaluation by answering just four qualitative questions in an online questionnaire where we’ll ask you to describe how things work in your organization.

2) We’ll then schedule a call for you to dig a little deeper into your responses with a PROPEL culture-driven business coach.

3) You’ll then receive a Diagnostic Evaluation report with actionable recommendations you can use right away to solve issues that are holding you back from being able to maximize your association’s potential.

Once you get your report, you’ll wish you had done this yesterday.  Don’t waste any more time. We’re here to help you crack the nut.


How does Reactive Transparency affect my bottom line?

Situation: The marketing department reaches out to the meetings department to discuss the early-bird email campaign, only to discover that Meetings launched it last week!

Problem: Everyone is so focused on meeting their own deadlines, that it’s hard to ensure other players have the information they need BEFORE they ask for it.

Outcome: Financial loss, duplicated effort, and poor implementation—like missing the target on early-bird registrations because of a badly-handled campaign.

At PROPEL, we help you integrate culture, strategy, and execution to allow your association to break through performance and accountability barriers and experience unprecedented growth.

Right now we are offering to apply our expert analysis to show you the hidden culture patterns that are holding your association back for only $97 (regularly $497!)

You have the power to change the future of your association by getting to the core of what drives growth: your culture.

Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with our nationally-recognized team of PROPEL culture coaches and start making change today.


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