Growth Engine Gap Analysis

Hidden patterns limit your impact. We’ll help you fix them.

Sign up for our quick Growth Engine Gap Analysis, and you’ll see instantly what’s holding you back from reaching your potential.

Think about your organization. Do these feel familiar to you?

These are the patterns from our research. If you recognize one or more items on this list, your patterns ARE impacting your association’s performance, membership, and financial goals in ways you don’t even know.

Awkward Collaboration.

We help each other individually, but our silos make group collaboration more difficult.

Reactive Transparency.

People end up discovering what they need to know a little too late and decisions are made based on inadequate information.

Unclear Priorities.

We have a strategic plan, but nobody knows if what they’re focused on this quarter is moving the needle.

Uneven Discipline.

Some groups are held to higher standards of accountability than others—and no one ever fixes it.

These Patterns Are Holding You Back.

Sluggish results, internal infighting, snail-paced growth… these are actually symptoms of deeper issues that you may not even know about—issues that are at the core of your association’s culture and how it interacts with both strategy and execution.

The Growth Engine Gap Analysis gives you actionable strategies for unleashing your association’s growth potential.

How It Works

  • 1

Share your patterns.

The Gap Analysis process starts with you answering just four open-ended questions online to help us see how the patterns are showing up in your association.

  • 2

Dive deeper.

We’ll then schedule a call with you to dig deeper into your responses and help identify the key gaps.

  • 3

Close the gaps.

We’ll put it all together into a customized roadmap with specific recommendations you can use to start unlocking your growth potential.

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Your association can be more agile, more aligned, and more engaging. With the Growth Engine Gap Analysis, you will be able to see the hidden secrets that are keeping your association from reaching its full potential.

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“Before engaging PROPEL to help us learn how to shape our culture in success-driving ways, I thought of our organizational culture as a product of our success. Now, I understand that our success is, in fact, a product of our culture.

Steve Spadt, SVP Technology, American College of Physicians

Once you get your report, you’ll wish you had done this yesterday.
Don’t waste any more time. We’re here to help you crack the nut.

Who We Are

PROPEL was founded by Maddie Grant and Jamie Notter, who have been defeating the status quo and advancing the future of work for decades.

PROPEL helps organizations achieve ridiculous levels of performance by integrating culture, strategy, and execution. We’re making things happen in the association community that are, frankly, long overdue—like being wildly profitable, attracting the best talent in the world, and being nimble and agile.

Get your roadmap here.

With a dedicated PROPEL business coach by your side, you can unblock your team and unlock your association’s potential for growth and impact. Try us out with our Growth Engine Gap Analysis — get an immediate read on what internal patterns are messing with growth, and what you should do about it.

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