Quick Action Projects

When you need to see instant results, these short-term culture projects are custom designed for your team on your terms.

Short-term Culture Projects for High-Impact, Immediate Results

Our typical culture projects are focused on the long-term, usually designed to take between six months and three years to make lasting, fundamental culture change.

Sometimes your culture needs are more focused and short-term. We can help you there as well, with a number of Quick Action Projects that can deliver real results in a matter of a few weeks or months.

Strategic Line of Sight

Convert your high-level strategic plan into meaningful quarterly priorities at all levels in your organization, so everyone has a direct line of sight connecting the work they’re doing to your longer term goals. 

Implementing the RACI Model

Implement an explicit and managed system of decision making roles in order to increase the speed and quality of decisions internally.

Culture Assessment

Understand at a granular level how your people experience your culture today, and where you sit on the traditionalist to futurist spectrum.

Culture Code

For those who have a good understanding of their culture, and want to create artifacts and a communications plan to make it “real” and visible to all employees.

Conflict Management

Because the root of so many culture problems can be found in overt or covert conflict – which is a fixable issue (we can do this as a direct intervention or via training).

Senior Management Retreats

The performance of your management team has a disproportionate impact on the performance of the organization, so make sure you’re firing on all cylinders with a deep dive into key issues and roadblocks.

DiSC® for Collaboration

PROPEL is an authorized partner for delivering the DiSC assessment (and others) via Wiley and EverythingDISC, and we use them in customized projects to improve team performance and collaboration.

Return to the Workplace

If you’re facing the challenges of transitioning your team from a COVID-19 work arrangement to a more “work as usual” environment, there are more than just logistical concerns to consider. This project helps you to make sure that your choice of work environment is the right one for your team, your goals, and your culture.

Create a Custom Action Project 

You may need something that is uniquely tailored to your specific circumstances, team, and talents. We have years of experience triaging critical culture issues that are potentially “poisoning the well” of your organization’s growth.

Our custom action projects refocus your team, identify actions, attitudes, and behaviors that are leading to loss, and allow you to overcome major obstacles blocking your organization’s growth potential.