Senior Leadership Retreats

Creating rock-solid leadership teams through intentional growth activities

All culture-driven businesses have one thing in common: a rock solid senior team. PROPEL senior leadership retreats improve your team functioning in ways that generate cohesion and real results.

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Collaboration starts at the top

Like it or not, your organization has their eyes on you. That truth is critical when it comes to collaboration.

The culture designers at PROPEL have been designing and facilitating senior management retreats for decades. Our approach is straightforward and direct—no games, no trust falls, just focused and honest conversations about the issues that are holding your performance back.

With PROPEL senior leadership retreats, conversations are just the beginning. We focus on solutions and forward momentum, helping your team commit to specific action plans and change items for when you go back to the office.

Do you recognize these common
association problems?

Awkward Collaboration.

We help each other individually, but our silos make group collaboration more difficult.

Reactive Transparency.

People end up discovering what they need to know a little too late and decisions are made based on inadequate information.

Unclear Priorities.

We have a strategic plan, but nobody knows if what they’re focused on this quarter is moving the needle.

Uneven Discipline.

Some groups are held to higher standards of accountability than others—and no one ever fixes it.

PROPEL Senior Leadership Retreats…


the short term (next three months) strategic focus.


collaboration among functional units (and within the team itself).


conflict and build trust at the senior team level.


systems and practices to promote accountability.


and clarify the cultural principles of your organization.

“The whole team here really appreciates the culture work PROPEL did with us. The way they helped us identify underlying issues in our culture that we couldn’t quite put our finger on was obviously helpful, but most importantly they were with us side-by-side until we managed to crank out the necessary next steps and come up with action plans. It’s nearly a year later, and the momentum of the culture work is still going strong.”

Paul Rensted, Human Resources Officer, National PTA
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