Strategic Line of Sight

When you need a clear system for executing your strategic plan, PROPEL can help.

Turn your strategy into reality.

This project is about building out a clear system for executing on your strategic plan. We draw heavily from Verne Harnish’s Scaling Up methodology here, specifically a modified version of his One-Page Strategic Plan (it’s actually two pages). In just a few weeks, we’ll take your high-level plan and convert it into a practical guide for decision-making and execution. We’ll help you articulate:

Long Term (10+ years)

Organize the highest level of your strategy in clear, simple language that is about results, not marketing. These are the high-level strategic foundations that are crucial for lasting success, including:

  • Purpose statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG)

Medium Term (1-3 years)

Take your larger goals and break them down into shorter-term targets and internal capacities that need to be in place for you to reach your full potential. Our team works with you to help define:

  • Mid-range targets
  • Major initiatives
  • Key Capacities

Short Term (3 months)

Quarterly focal points are the foundational building blocks of your organization’s success. We’ll help you build these out for both the organization as a whole and individual teams, including:

  • Clear quarterly priorities
  • More precise metrics
  • Clear line of sight from short term to long term

Sharpen Your Strategic Blade

You probably have much of this articulated in one form or another in your existing systems, but we’ll help you tighten it up, sharpen the metrics, and eliminate confusion or vagueness about what the priorities are and why everyone is doing what they’re doing.

“Before engaging PROPEL to help us learn how to shape our culture in success-driving ways, I thought of our organizational culture as a product of our success. Now, I understand that our success is, in fact, a product of our culture.

Steve Spadt, SVP Technology, American College of Physicians
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