The No BS Guide to Digital Transformation

How Intentional Culture Change Can Propel Associations Forward

Although Digital Transformation is a topic that has been talked about for a decade, many associations are still missing key components when it comes to digital strategy.

In this deeply researched, free 40-page white paper, PROPEL Co-Founder, Maddie Grant, and Elizabeth Weaver Engel, M.A., CAE, Chief Strategist for Spark Consulting, analyze a decade of research that shows lasting, responsive digital transformation starts with intentional culture change.

This white paper answers the questions:

  • What is digital transformation and why do associations need it?
  • Which technologies reduce transactional friction that slow associations down?
  • What culture patterns do associations have that block good digital transformation?
  • How can associations be digitally mature enough to be competitive?

It also includes:

Case Studies highlighting successful associations that have forwarded their growth because of intentional culture changes towards digital flexibility and innovation.

Management Models to help you identify where you are on the spectrum of emerging to mature when it comes to digital transformation and culture maturity.

Action Plans to give you strategies for updating and innovating when it comes to culture and digital management. 

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