A Deeper Look at Collaboration and Communication in the Workplace

March 22, 2021
March 22, 2021 Kasey Chas

Every Tuesday, PROPEL’s co-founder Maddie Grant joins QuestionPro’s Sanja Licina for some transparent conversation on topics surrounding work, life, culture, and the employee experience. Combining recent research on hot organizational topics and data from polls sent out to the viewers and survey participants around the country, Work @ Life provides a real perspective on what employees and leadership have to say. The best part? The conversation is streamed live so that YOU can join the discussion too.


Work @ Life live every Tuesday at 1 PM EST

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This past week, Maddie and Sanja dove into what seems like a popular topic these days-collaboration. A survey was sent out to 300 US workers using the QuestionPro Instant Answers Slack integration tool, asking how well information is shared across departments. Maddie and Sanja hoped to learn more about the day-to-day visibility across an organization, and whether or not staff felt they were left in the dark across silos. Watch last week’s replay (at the bottom of this post) to see the real time feedback from survey participants, and the embedded culture patterns we have found in organizational collaboration.

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Tomorrow, Maddie and Sanja step into a new topic of interest. After polling participants on both personal and professional development, Maddie and Sanja will be hosting a live conversation about what opportunities for development look like in 2021. Who to turn to, programs to take advantage of, and new ideas to implement within the workplace. Don’t miss it! You can tune into Work @ Life on Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Periscope tomorrow at 1pm EST to join the conversation.

Last week’s replay:

Tune in LIVE tomorrow at 1pm EST

Kasey Chas

Focusing on people operations, engagement, and professional development, Kasey supports from behind the scenes while organizations across the country align with their vision and create a lasting impact. Kasey uses her experience as a former behavior therapist and mindfulness practitioner to implement behavior analytics and applied positive psychology into delivering programs to enhance motivation and performance.