Implementing the RACI Model

Clarify decision-making roles and increase speed and quality of decisions.

Faster, more agile decision-making

While we all value collaboration, having every employee be a part of every decision would (a) take forever and (b) probably generate a lot of poor decisions. A more unified approach to collaboration is rooted in a clear understanding of who is involved in what decisions–and in what capacity.

In this Quick Action Project, we will set your team up for success by introducing and implementing the RACI model of decision making. RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed—the only four decision making roles there are. 

In this Quick Action Project, PROPEL…

Educates key staff on the important distinctions between the different roles within the RACI model and how to apply them in your specific context.

Tests the model working directly with one or two specific teams as a pilot project, helping them to map out the roles for key decisions that are coming up in the near future.

Customizes the model for you based on feedback from the pilot projects (both pre- and post-decision), leaving you with customized documentation and materials.

Supports the rollout, providing additional education sessions or materials, as necessary, to ensure adoption of the system organization-wide.

“[PROPEL] did excellent work on helping us to identify our culture and work with us to set a path for development of a new culture. Finally, they helped us to implement steps to continue to develop that culture. Their efforts gave us a great foundation to build from and evolve a key part of our organization that has helped us to accelerate our service to our members.

Jeff Morgan, CEO, Club Management Association of America
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