Want to reopen your office in a way that works for everyone?

Make these four culture decisions first.

Our “deconstructed” virtual workshop takes your leadership team through the four key culture decisions that address the deep, structural changes the world of work has experienced since the pandemic.

There is no perfect “hybrid office” plan.

You’re going to need an ongoing, adaptive strategy. So stop trying to schedule who’s coming in on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and start crafting a real return-to-work strategy that works for a variably remote workforce. The strategy must be rooted in culture, guided by a new set of principles for how you use technology, and implemented through quarterly priorities and continuous learning.

Step 1: Make the Culture Decisions.

The pandemic didn’t just make us work from home for a while—it changed the world of work permanently. As we explain in our recent ebook, these changes have been afoot for some time, but they just got a huge push forward, so now you don’t have a choice: you must decide how your culture addresses these issues.

Employee Focus.

Employees have more power now that they realize they can, in fact, work from anywhere. Are you willing to be more focused on customization and meeting employee needs moving forward?

Workplace Design.

If work can happen from anywhere, then what work SHOULD happen at the office, and are you willing to redesign your space with culture in mind?


The new virtual layer allows us to instantly extend collaboration beyond existing boundaries. Are you willing to open up your collaboration?


The virtual work environment doesn’t have the same need for traditional hierarchy. But it does need systems to manage supervision and accountability. Are you willing to rewrite the rules?

How does the workshop work?

We start by convening key stakeholders (your management team, a cross-functional selection of staff, or everyone) for a series of focused conversations  (via zoom) to work through each of the four culture decisions and the implications for your return to work strategy. This will include some pre-work. Following the last conversation, we’ll write up a summary report with recommendations on how to adapt your return to work strategy to the new culture decisions you just made.

You may additionally want some help digging into the topics of technology planning for the hybrid office and/or refreshing your physical office space design, to align with the culture decisions you have just made. We have partnered with trusted experts in these two areas (Rick Bawcum of Cimatri and Colleen Scott of CCS Project Management) and can jointly facilitate an additional 2-hour workshop to explore the implications for each of these areas in more detail. Each workshop includes its own report with recommendations.

It’s $4,500 for the culture decision workshop, plus $2,000 per follow up workshop.

Make the culture decisions BEFORE you move onto your technology principles or implementation plan.

Let’s get this one right.

“[PROPEL] did excellent work on helping us to identify our culture and work with us to set a path for development of a new culture. Finally, they helped us to implement steps to continue to develop that culture. Their efforts gave us a great foundation to build from and evolve a key part of our organization that has helped us to accelerate our service to our members.

Jeff Morgan, CEO, Club Management Association of America