Return to the Workplace

You need a strategy for returning to the workplace—and fast.

You’re faced with the question of when/how/why should you return your staff to the office. This project helps you make the most important decisions first (that you’re probably not seeing), clearing the path for a successful return to the workplace.

Making the right transition

Now that you’re moving towards a return to work, there are many things to consider. You want to plan strategically, taking into account employees’ needs, desires, and fears, as well as incorporating any lessons learned from the last year of remote work. But there seem to be a thousand pitfalls waiting if you don’t consider all the angles.

  • Should you reduce your office footprint?
  • Introduce completely new uses of the office?
  • Invest in new technology?
  • How and where do you start?

You start with 4 decisions about your culture.

This is not just a logistical challenge. The world has permanently changed in some important ways in the last 18 months, and until you figure out how you’re going to respond to those changes, you’ll feel lost or scattered when planning your return-to-work strategy. You have choices to make in these four areas:

Employee Focus.

Employees have more power now that they realize they can, in fact, work from anywhere. Are you willing to be more focused on customization and meeting employee needs moving forward?

Workplace Design.

If work can happen from anywhere, then what work SHOULD happen at the office, and are you willing to redesign your space with culture in mind?


The new virtual layer allows us to instantly extend collaboration beyond existing boundaries. Are you willing to open up your collaboration?


The virtual work environment doesn’t have the same need for traditional hierarchy. But it does need systems to manage supervision and accountability. Are you willing to rewrite the rules?

We can help you make the tough choices.

You don’t have to make “final” choices, but you have to set an initial direction that will guide your action planning as you return to the workplace.

All it takes is two weeks, with 2 two-hour zoom calls to explore the 4 key questions, followed by a three-hour workshop to clarify your choices.

We’ll bring in experts in strategic IT and commercial space planning to help you set a clear direction for your return that works for both the organization and the employees. 

All for a flat fee of $4,500.

There is no time to waste.

Your employees want answers, and you want to lead your people through this transition with both skill and care.
These choices will help you do that.

“[PROPEL] did excellent work on helping us to identify our culture and work with us to set a path for development of a new culture. Finally, they helped us to implement steps to continue to develop that culture. Their efforts gave us a great foundation to build from and evolve a key part of our organization that has helped us to accelerate our service to our members.

Jeff Morgan, CEO, Club Management Association of America